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Semester One BC High School Principal’s Letter to Parents

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Dear Maple Leaf High School Parents,                                      December 21st, 2015

亲爱的高中家长们:                                                                   2015年12月21日

The sole focus of Maple Leaf is to provide outstanding service to students. With this focus in mind, Maple Leaf Schools have undertaken two new initiatives this year to provide better service to students: 枫叶工作的重点就是为学生提供优质的服务。为此,枫叶学校今年实施了两项新举措:

1) Maple Leaf has undertaken the development of a new curriculum that will meet the requirements of the BC (British Columbia) Graduation Program, and better serve the needs of Maple Leaf students. This semester, we have initiated the course plans for 15 new Maple Leaf courses, which were developed last year.  And next semester, we will initiate the course plans for 15 more development courses that were created this semester.  This is an exciting opportunity for all Maple Leaf students and teachers, as they will have instruction designed with their needs in mind.为更好地满足枫叶学生的发展需求,枫叶开发了新课程,此课程符合BC省(不列颠哥伦比亚省)教育部的毕业要求。这学期,我们已经开始使用15门新枫叶课程的课程计划,这些课程是去年开发的。下学期,我们将使用本学期开发的另外15门新课程计划。这是对于所有枫叶学生和教师来说一个激动人心的消息,因为老师的教学是根据学生的学习需求设计的。

   2) Maple Leaf has endeavored to complete accreditation for the BC high school program with AdvancED. AdvancED accreditation is one of the more exciting opportunities to come to Maple Leaf Schools in a long time. AdvancED is the biggest school accreditation organization in the world, working with over 32,000 schools and school systems, employing more than four million educators, and enrolling more than 20 million students across the United States and 70 other nations. AdvancED will not replace BC certification; it will compliment and strengthen it.  Maple Leaf hopes to be certified from AdvancED and the BC Ministry of Education. 枫叶正在努力通过美国高等教育部对加方课程的评估。多年来,高教部的认证对枫叶学校来说都是一个令人期待的机遇。它是世界上最大的教育专家集聚地,32000所学校和教育体系与之合作,教育工作者达400万,学生2000万,遍布美国和其它70个国家。它不会取代BC省教育部的认证,枫叶的目标是同时获得BC省教育部和美国高教部的认证。

The focus of AdvancED is school improvement. The AdvancED accreditation process is one where teaching faculty leads the way. Internal Review teams (teachers) look at the school in a number of aspects, or standards. These standards are: 高教部重点评估内容是学校提升的方面。教师在高教部的认证过程是重要组成部分。内部评估组(教师)会从许多方面和不同角度评估学校。这些标准是:

The school maintains and communicates purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning. 学校通过致力于学习上的高要求和有关教学的共同价值观及理念来贯彻和传递办学宗旨及方向。


The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness. 学校的管理和领导方式重在提升和支持学生的表现以及学校的有效运转。


The school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practice guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning. 学校的课程、教学设计以及评估方法对教师的有效教学和学生的学习提供指导和保障。


The school has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students. 学校有资源并提供服务来支持办学宗旨和方向,以确保所有学生的成功。


The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement. 学校实施综合评估体系,此体系可获得一系列有关学生学习和学校效能的数据,并使用数据结果来指导学校后期的持续进步。



Timelines for Completion完成时间


The AdvancED Internal Review needs to be complete by May 2016, in preparation for an External Review by AdvancED inspectors at the beginning of June 2016. 高教部内部审查于2016年5月完成,高教部将于2016年6月对我校进行正式评估。


Making Time in the Calendar & in the Bell Schedule在校历和作息时间上作调整


In order for AdvancED accreditation and Maple Leaf curriculum to be successful, and in order to see school improvement, all Maple Leaf High Schools in China have built in a number of days over the school year when time is dedicated to AdvancED accreditation preparation and teacher professional development.  I have called these days PDSB (Professional Development & Staff Building) days.  On these seven PDSB days this year, an adapted bell schedule will allow for time to be dedicated to AdvancED accreditation preparation and professional development on the last Friday of a month.  We have already held three successful PDSB days, and we will hold our fourth PDSB day on December 24th.  The BC program is the focus of the AdvancED inspection, but the ESL and Chinese high school program staff are also involved in the professional development process, as we are three different departments, but one high school.  为了保证高教部评估顺利进行,并更好提升枫叶课程体系,所有枫叶校区都在本学年的校历中安排了几天的评估准备和教师培训。我把这些天称作专业发展和员工培训,本学年总计7天,在每个月最后一周的周五。在这一天,我们还调整了作息时间,学生早上上小课,中午离校,下午进行教师专业培训。过去三个月的培训都非常成功,这个月24号是我们的第四次培训。虽然高教部评估重点是加方课程体系,但是由于枫叶高中中加一体化,英语中心和中方高中课程也积极参与到专业培训中。


PDSB Dates专业发展和员工培训日期:

PDSB#1 - Friday, September 18th    第一次918日 周五

PDSB#2 - Friday, October 30th   第二次 1030日 周五

PDSB #3 - Friday, November 27th  第三次 1127日 周五

PDSB #4 – Friday, December 24th 第四次 1224日 周四

PDSB #5 - Friday, January 22nd  第五次 122日 周五

PDSB #6 – Friday, March 25th  第六次 325日 周五

PDSB #7 – Friday, May 27th  第七次 527日 周五

l AdvancED inspection in early June 2016 高教部的评估在20166月初


Shortened Bell Schedule上小课当天的作息时间表:

l No Homeroom or Exercise Break取消早自习和间操

7:30-8:15 - Block E

8:25-9:10 - Block A

9:20-10:05 - Block B

10:15-11:00 - Block C

11:10-11:55 - Block D

11:55-13:00 - Lunch午餐

13:00-4:00 - AdvancED Professional Development & Staff Building 高教部培训


What are the Benefits to Students对学生的好处有哪些?


Students benefit when teachers have time to reflect and prepare to teach efficiently and with purpose.  The goal of AdvancED is school improvement, which directly benefits our students.当老师们有时间总结教学,有效、有目标的备课时,学生就会更大收益。高教部的目标是把学校变得更好,直接受益人是学生。


What about lost class time课堂时间缩短了怎么办?

Maple Leaf Schools meet or exceed the time required by the Ministry of Education to be dedicated to courses in the BC graduation program. In many cases, the time required to complete a course is far less than MLIS – Chongqing already offers.  BC Teachers at MLIS-C are available to students in tutorial, Monday to Thursday every week.  Also, BC teachers assign work that must be completed by students outside of class. 在枫叶,每门课的教学时间已经达到甚至超过BC省教育部的要求,重庆枫叶的加方老师们周一至周四的课后给学生补课。并且加方老师也给学生布置了课后作业。


How are the parents involved家长如何参与进来?


Maple Leaf parents are an important part of the AdvancED school review process, and Maple Leaf International School – Chongqing greatly values parent feedback on our program.  Our high school employs a talented counselor staff to communicate with our student’s parents, and we send home six report cards per year (September, November, January, March, April, June) to keep families informed of their son’s/daughter’s academic progress.  We also send home I-Reports to parents if their son/daughter is having academic problems.  MLIS-C also prides itself on hosting several grade level parent meetings throughout the year, as well as inviting parents to join in important school events, such as the recent and very successful Maple Leaf University & College Student Recruitment Fair, the Course Selection Fair coming up in April, and the Graduation Ceremony for the grade 12 students & parents in June.  As part of the AdvancED school review process, we will be sending home an AdvancED parents survey, which will give us valuable feedback not only on the things that we are doing well, but the things we can improve on.  More information on the parent survey will be sent out in January.    家长是高教部评估的重要群体,重庆枫叶国际学校也重视家长的建议和反馈,高中的领事就是家校沟通的桥梁,每学年发放六次成绩报告单(九月、十一月、一月、三月、四月、六月),把孩子的学习情况及时告知父母。针对学习有困难的学生,我们还会发放学业警告单。学校还分年级召开家长会,邀请家长参加校区重大活动,如最近成功举办的第十一届枫叶国际教育博览会,来年4月份的选课展和6月份的高三毕业典礼。高教部评估内容的还包括问卷调查,1月份我们会对给家长做一份问卷调查,希望家长不仅对我们做的好的方面给予积极评价,也给我们提出宝贵建议。


How AdvancED has already helped improve MLIS-Chongqing this year?今年高教部在哪些方面帮助我们提升了?


MLIS-Chongqing has undertaken an external review as part of the AdvancED process, and has identified several things our school should work together to improve at our campus.  Maple Leaf Head Office in Dalian, and MLIS-Chongqing Chinese school leaders have been very supportive of the BC program as we work together to improve our school.  For example, we have hired a BC Vice Principal (Mr. Karamati) and BC Academic Advisor (Ms. Madik) for the first time.  There is now a 200 page student handbook that helps students stay organized in their studies.  In the BC library, we now have a full time BC librarian (Mrs. Austen) to work with the Chinese librarian, and we have purchased new library software (KOHA), as well as purchasing student access to powerful online resources through subscriptions to Pro Quest and Tumblebooks, as well as buying hundreds of new books for the library.  In the foods lab, we have put in new sinks, a hot water tank and a large new fridge.  In the gym, we have totally refurbished the weight room, with a new floor and a lot of new work out equipment.  And with school safety, we have planned for 5 emergency evacuation drills, including our first ever safety lock down drill.  And these are just a few of the examples of our school improvement plan we have started to help create a better school for our students and staff. 重庆枫叶国际学校在准备高教部评估的过程中,发现有几个方面应该提升。集团和中方领导都非常支持加方课程体系的提升。例如,学校新聘请了一名副加方校长(Mr. Karamati)和课程指导老师(Ms. Madik)。我们也设计并制作了200页的学生学习手册,帮助学生有序的安排学习任务。今年我们还聘请了全职的加方图书管理员,并购买新的图书管理系统(KOHA)和在线学习资源Pro Quest和Tumblebooks,还购买近1000册图书。烹饪教室里安装了新的水管和水槽,热水器,购买了一个大冰箱。另外学校彻底改造健身房,铺上新地垫,放入全新的设备。在学校安全方面,本学年安排5次紧急疏散演习,包括首次进行的紧急封锁演习。这些仅仅是学校提升的举例,我们会继续为学生和教师创造更好的学习和工作环境。


I have been working at MLIS-Chongqing since the beginning of August, and I’m happy to report that we are seeing a lot of progress so far, but there are still future goals that we will continue to work towards.  As always, I welcome parents to come in and speak with me, or any of the MLIS-Chongqing leaders anytime.  On behalf of the staff at MLIS-Chongqing, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and best of luck in 2016 – the year of the Monkey.   自八月初来到重庆枫叶国际学校工作,很高兴看到学校发生如此大的变化,未来还有很多目标要实现。和往常一样,欢迎家长随时走进学校与我本人和学校其他领导交流   。我代表重庆枫叶国际学校,祝愿您和家人圣诞、新年快乐,2016猴年好运。




Nigel Austen - BC Principal

加方课程校长Nigel Austen